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~keeping it real~

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How to become a member:

For now, this comm is invite only. If a member would like to nominate someone for invitation, simply leave a comment in the “members-only” post.

Here’s a hint: If you’re 12, have written a Mary-sue, or in any way use sentences like “Omg lolz Roooose I want joor bebiez”, you probably won’t make it onto the short list. Or even the very, very long one. ^^

Yes, it is elitist. Deal with it.

Here are the comm rules, although I’m sure that if you have been invited here, they really won’t be necessary. But just in case.

1. First and foremost rule: This is a non-fangirl community. This does not mean that you may attack any one person (or group of persons) for saying something. We’re not here to go on about how stupid fangirls are. We’re here to enjoy the band we love in a mature and sophisticated way. In other words, NO posts that go “I read a post today where a fangirl went on about how smexy X-mas is and it pissed me off so much…”. Do that in your own journal, please.

2. Keep it cool.
If we wanted flaming, we’d have stayed with the fangirls. This comm is for cool-headed, real discussion in a friendly and civilized way. At the same time, though, the main reason we’re all here is for our love of the band, so keep it fun as well.

3. No fangirling.
“Omg like Rose is sooo pretty and blonde and like omg he updated his Cy omg someone translate and oh yeah omg here is his bg music because omg if I don’t know every single detail of his private life I’ll just like die omg! *spasms and dies*”

Verdict: You will be shot in the stomach, hung upside down from a lamp post and covered in ants for five days before being brutally raped by a female dinosaur and buried half-alive in the Sahara desert. Or, you know, the rough equivalent thereof.

Posts with minimal fangirling are of course allowed, because, come on. We are fans for a reason, after all. “You know Jay? Yeah. He’s *damn* fine.” XD But please, try not to make one entire post about it. Add something extra to break from the retardedness (“Oh, and also, here is a random translation of Over the Rainbow into Swahili.”)

4. Constructive criticism only.
If you have nothing nice to say, keep your damn mouth shut.

However, if you have constructive critism, and you manage to somehow word it in a way that will not offend anyone, please share it!

For example.

++ BAD: “I think Attack should just stick to playing with a pick. His finger-work sucks.”
++ GOOD: “I prefer Attack’s pick-playing, but it’s cool that he’s experimenting with new things. Practise makes perfect, and he’s really working hard.”

5. No prejudice (against other comm members or against the band)
I think this speaks for itself.

6. Right now, the comm is for Korean rock band The TRAX only.
Perhaps we will branch out to other bands in the future. Then again, perhaps not.

What *is* allowed:

- sharing of music, pics, videos, etc
- translations of interviews, lyrics, etc
- fan art/fiction (Mary-sues will warrant an immediate kick-out). ----Any rating is allowed, but please put it beneath an LJ-cut with clear warnings.---
- requests for any of the above, but please check elsewhere first if you think what you asked for has been requested before.
- open-minded, *friendly* discussion of the bands/members/music
So basically, what makes every other community successful minus the parts that make it unsuccessful.

Current mods:

shirann and blacktempest.